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Ecko’s Extreme Marketing Strategy

April 4, 2011

Check out this new marketing promotion that Ecko is taking on. Apparently if you get the Ecko logo tattooed on your body, they will honor you with a 20% discount for life! This sounds crazy, but it’s real! Ecko is even providing the templates of their logos on their website for anyone daring (or crazy) enough to go through with it. I mean, let’s break this down. Is a 20% discount really enough to make it worth it? In all likelihood, Ecko will probably have clearance and sales over the years that could amount to at least 20% or more in discounts for customers without the ink tattoo. And unless you shop at Ecko consistently, it really is something you could probably do without. But hey, people have done crazier things! What do you guys think? Would you ever do something like this? Would you do it for Ecko, or any other brand?

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