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Taking Charge of Your Personal Finances

April 1, 2011

Thrive is always attending networking and professional developement events to meet other talented people in different industries and to stay on top of the latest trends in business. Last night Robin and I attended Girl Power Hour‘s Professional Developement and Social Networking Event, the theme of the night was “Sheconomics – Girls Just Want To Have Funds.” They had a guest panel of savvy business women who shared some of their wisdom, it was so good that I had to share!

The first speaker was Aimee Willis, Senior Copywriter and Ad Strategist at Wong Doody shared great knowledge about why we buy and how branding influences our buying habits. Women have been key part of major companies like Walmart and GE’s target audience for almost every single campaign and marketing strategies.  These companies understand the buying power of women and the decision making role they posses in the household.  Below is a great video that explains and gives statistics of the buying power that women posses!

The next speaker was Kate Phillips, Owner of Total Wealth Coaching. Her goal is to help women heal the love-hate relationship with money. She teaches how to remove the obsticles that are keeping women from experiencing abundance because she believes EVERY woman can be wealthy. A way that she does this is creating a MAP (Mindset, Action and Plan). She understands the stress that money causes on women and even wrote a book about it, Gone for Good: 20 Ways to Eliminate Financial Stress Right Now.  For more information you can check out her site at

The final speaker, and Thrive’s accountant, was Audrey Godwin, Owner of The Godwin Group. Audrey has such an extensive resume and credentials I can’t even type it all. She has worked every job in the accounting industry, is currently the Treasurer for the Renton Chamber of Commerce and is even co-author of Mom Entrepeneur Extrodinaire. Audrey is a straight shooter and explained that you need rank your life areas in order of priority and she is guessing that your bank statements don’t match (guilty). Her advice is to decided what is  most important to YOU and you alone and then take action with your spending to support those areas. We can recommend Audrey first hand as she has been intrical in the success of this agency. If you want a money makeover check out her site at

Girl Power Hour has monthly networking events every 3rd Thrusday of the Month at trendy locations in Seattle and Bellevue. Their events bring together successful women who want to network and share ideas. You can also attend their quarterly Professional Developement Series for women who want to meet professionals in their area and learn valuable information from guest speakers

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