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Taking a Tip From The Presidential Elections

November 2, 2012


Given the proximity of election day looming nearby, it seems like every commercial break is just bombarded with electoral ads. Some are nice and wholesome, while others can only be described as “ad hominem”. Yet regardless, in particular to the Presidential elections, the sheer number of ads for either party is at its peak, both parties are trying to reach the greatest number of people regardless of demographics. Interestingly, no matter what either candidate has said either in the media or in one of the debates, Spanish language ads are clearly a staple for any campaign. 

The coveted Hispanic vote is one that is not always easy to come by. President Obama won 67% if the Hispanic vote back in 2008 but it was not without trials and tribulations. One having to address the Hispanic voter in their language. Even former President George W. Bush knew he had to join the band-wagon and contracted his brother Jeb to do a Spanish language ad. Mitt Romney is currently following this track, despite some controversial quotes regarding the Latino population in the U.S., by contracting his son to do a similar ad.

According to Joel DelGrosso, executive VP and managing director of political and advocacy sales at Univision, “Latinos want to hear from this candidate why he should be their choice.” It is also important, as President Obama has noted long ago, the need to buy media in Spanish language stations and have the support of prominent Latino public figures. President Obama even launched his Spanish campaign before he set forth his English campaign.. this in itself speaks volumes about the importance of the Latino vote.

Bottom line, don’t ignore the Hispanic population, they hold a great amount of power. 


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