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The Growing Hispanic Market in Seattle

October 24, 2012

Big brand names like McDonalds, Wal-Mart and the like have huge marketing campaigns targeting consumers from different cultural backgrounds, in particular the Hispanic market. Target, who has just recently joined the ranks is no different, but each company has its own way of reaching out to these different demographics.

Although their messages may be different in what they say, one thing has to remain constant if the message is to be effective. Have only one brand.

Brand meaning one governing entity. This being important because when there is more than one ‘brand’ you create more than one message and therefore risk excluding the very market you are trying to reach.

It is very easy for a company to do this, mainly because there are three easily recognizable ways in which a company will try to reach out to the Hispanic consumer.

1)      Assuming that placing Spanish-language subtitles on an English-language commercial will suffice. This is also applicable to any commercial with the ‘Se habla Español’ subtext at the bottom of the screen.

a.       Hispanic consumers are going say, ‘if you speak Spanish, why aren’t you?’ If you want to reach them, talk to them.

2)      Trying to overly relate to the Hispanic consumer.

a.       In some cases, like Burger King’s little mishap when they were trying to promote their Texan Whopper, companies go a little too far bordering racism or just plainly crossing that line.

3)      Not relating to the market at all.

a.       It is no surprise that every culture has some products that they are known for. The Hispanic culture will be more willing to relate to your company if not only you create a message in Spanish but if you feature Hispanic products or common brands. This may sound tedious but featuring a product that is unfamiliar will have the same effect has excluding them. This does not have to be a big deal either, it can be as simple as substituting dishwashing soap like Dawn for one that is better known in the Hispanic community such as Fabuloso.

Reaching the Hispanic consumer takes experience, a thorough understanding of the culture and a well planned strategy. The Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area has a rapidly growing Hispanic population and that brings along with it extreme buying power. I am Thrive’s Account Manager, I speak fluent Spanish and have worked in the hispanic radio and television industry. I’m personally emerged in the culture which allows me to be an asset to your business. Call me to discuss your hispanic marketing strategy in the Seattle, Portland, Phoenix or L.A. market.




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