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Reputation Management: Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

December 10, 2012

Reputation Management: Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

My advertising agency works with a several clients in the hospitality industry and a few plastic surgeons. I can tell you that online review sites can be both awesome for business and terrible. Definitely a double edged sword, review sites like Yelp, CitySearch and Google Places can either build or destroy local businesses. I LOVE this photo of what a cafe did to attract business from a negative online review. Talk about a great way to handle bad reviews! Reputation management is so important in today’s market. If you have questions about how to better handle your business’ online reputation call me and I’d be happy to share with you how we help our clients with this necessary evil.



6 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Athlete to Run Your Social Media

November 5, 2012


I saw this article on PR Daily and the picture made me chuckle. I was a college athlete and happen to still run (almost) daily and have done a few marathons.

Below are PR Daily’s six reasons why you should hire an athlete, not that I’m calling myself one anymore since I’m far from it at this point in my life. However, I feel that the mentality still carries over in my everyday life.

1. Athletes are great at setting short- and long-term goals. From the time they start pre-season training, athletes are setting staged goals. Track athletes are accustomed to doing shorter intervals and aiming for a certain pace to achieve a long-term race goal at the end of the season. Multi-stage goals in social media are a perfect way to build expertise in each platform without being overwhelmed with all the tasks.

2. Athletes understand you need to show up daily and give it 100 percent for your efforts to pay off.
 They don’t skip batting practice or sessions in the weight room. And they won’t neglect the day to day listening and responding that is required to make your company’s social media profile effective.

3. Athletes know how to listen to feedback from coaches and their own bodies and to change course when needed. Your social media manager needs to know how to listen to customer complaints whether they are obvious or subtle, such as lack of engagement or mass unfollows.

4. Athletes are obsessed with measuring effort, results, and evaluating effectiveness.Sports are all about statistics and metrics. Athletes understand how this data can help them improve and succeed. They are perfectly positioned to apply this obsession to building your audience.

5. Athletes know some sacrifices now can lead to big payoffs later. Similarly, social media can require some big sacrifices in terms of time commitment and planning. But they will put in the work because they stay focused on the goal.

6. Athletes understand the value of working with and relying on teammates. Plus, many know how to step out of the spotlight. Some of the best social media content comes from the departments that don’t get a chance to blog, post, or tweet. Your athletic social media manager will recognize the value of working together to create and share content that will have customers chanting for more.

Have you hired a former athlete? Were they a great team player and hard worker?

If you need help with social media management we not only have a former athlete but we also have hard working, competitive and smart people to help you out email me at for a customized package.


Taking a Tip From The Presidential Elections

November 2, 2012


Given the proximity of election day looming nearby, it seems like every commercial break is just bombarded with electoral ads. Some are nice and wholesome, while others can only be described as “ad hominem”. Yet regardless, in particular to the Presidential elections, the sheer number of ads for either party is at its peak, both parties are trying to reach the greatest number of people regardless of demographics. Interestingly, no matter what either candidate has said either in the media or in one of the debates, Spanish language ads are clearly a staple for any campaign. 

The coveted Hispanic vote is one that is not always easy to come by. President Obama won 67% if the Hispanic vote back in 2008 but it was not without trials and tribulations. One having to address the Hispanic voter in their language. Even former President George W. Bush knew he had to join the band-wagon and contracted his brother Jeb to do a Spanish language ad. Mitt Romney is currently following this track, despite some controversial quotes regarding the Latino population in the U.S., by contracting his son to do a similar ad.

According to Joel DelGrosso, executive VP and managing director of political and advocacy sales at Univision, “Latinos want to hear from this candidate why he should be their choice.” It is also important, as President Obama has noted long ago, the need to buy media in Spanish language stations and have the support of prominent Latino public figures. President Obama even launched his Spanish campaign before he set forth his English campaign.. this in itself speaks volumes about the importance of the Latino vote.

Bottom line, don’t ignore the Hispanic population, they hold a great amount of power. 


Eye Tracking Shows Where People Look On Ads

October 26, 2012

Where do people actually look on ads? Well, posted 16 ads where researchers used eye trackers to see where people were actually looking. Then they used heat maps to show where people spent more attention.

I think heat maps are a fun way to visualize different types of data, including where people’s eyeballs first land on your site or ad. You can then take this information and see how likely your visitors are to click on different areas of your pages or where you should put key information in an advertisement. 

I’ve included some of the heat maps that surprised me. For example, men spent more time focusing on a woman’s face than her body! While surprisingly when there was a man on an ad women spent more time looking at the face and men spent more time looking at the mans body. This information can give advertisers insights on how to better advertise to men and women.

 Below are some of my favorites:

Men spend more time looking at the woman, while women read the rest of the ad.

Men spend more time looking at the woman, while women read the rest of the ad.

Notice how the men are not looking at the shoes at all.

Notice how the men are not looking at the shoes at all.

These Sunsilk ads show that just putting a pretty face on a copy isn’t enough. It matters where she’s looking.

These Sunsilk ads show that just putting a pretty face on a copy isn't enough. It matters where she's looking.

Men focus on baseball players’ torso more than women, who look only at the face

Men focus on baseball players' torso more than women, who look only at the face

To see more of the heat maps click here. Enjoy!

The Growing Hispanic Market in Seattle

October 24, 2012

Big brand names like McDonalds, Wal-Mart and the like have huge marketing campaigns targeting consumers from different cultural backgrounds, in particular the Hispanic market. Target, who has just recently joined the ranks is no different, but each company has its own way of reaching out to these different demographics.

Although their messages may be different in what they say, one thing has to remain constant if the message is to be effective. Have only one brand.

Brand meaning one governing entity. This being important because when there is more than one ‘brand’ you create more than one message and therefore risk excluding the very market you are trying to reach.

It is very easy for a company to do this, mainly because there are three easily recognizable ways in which a company will try to reach out to the Hispanic consumer.

1)      Assuming that placing Spanish-language subtitles on an English-language commercial will suffice. This is also applicable to any commercial with the ‘Se habla Español’ subtext at the bottom of the screen.

a.       Hispanic consumers are going say, ‘if you speak Spanish, why aren’t you?’ If you want to reach them, talk to them.

2)      Trying to overly relate to the Hispanic consumer.

a.       In some cases, like Burger King’s little mishap when they were trying to promote their Texan Whopper, companies go a little too far bordering racism or just plainly crossing that line.

3)      Not relating to the market at all.

a.       It is no surprise that every culture has some products that they are known for. The Hispanic culture will be more willing to relate to your company if not only you create a message in Spanish but if you feature Hispanic products or common brands. This may sound tedious but featuring a product that is unfamiliar will have the same effect has excluding them. This does not have to be a big deal either, it can be as simple as substituting dishwashing soap like Dawn for one that is better known in the Hispanic community such as Fabuloso.

Reaching the Hispanic consumer takes experience, a thorough understanding of the culture and a well planned strategy. The Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area has a rapidly growing Hispanic population and that brings along with it extreme buying power. I am Thrive’s Account Manager, I speak fluent Spanish and have worked in the hispanic radio and television industry. I’m personally emerged in the culture which allows me to be an asset to your business. Call me to discuss your hispanic marketing strategy in the Seattle, Portland, Phoenix or L.A. market.




Being Socially Devoted

October 23, 2012

We’ve posted several blogs on how to incorporate social media into your marketing mix and how to do it correctly. However, a staggering percentage of brands are ignoring how facebook is meant to be used for a business.

We’ve explained that traditional and online advertising is like using a microphone to speak to your customers or potential customers. Social media is like a telephone to answer individual questions, reward loyal followers and show your business’s personality. So why are brands/businesses not speaking to their followers on facebook? Turns out it’s pretty common, 70% of brands do not respond to facebook questions! 

We understand that it’s hard to manage all social media especially when a business is a global brand and will have hundreds of questions a day. 

Social media and digital analytics company, Socialbakers, says that “…you keep your wall open to posts, respond to at least 65 percent of questions, and respond in a timely fashion.” According to their data this isn’t happening which means businesses are totally missing the point of social media in the marketing mix. Their data also shows,“An incredible 70 percent of questions from Facebook fans are ignored which completely contradicts the interactive nature and purpose of social networks. What´s even more alarming is that 25 percent of global companies go as far as closing their wall on Facebook to prevent fans from asking questions at all.” 

Below take a look at the most socially devoted industries on facebook. Do any of these surprise you?


Thrive understands that first and foremost business owners and their staff need to focus on their job. It’s also incredibly difficult if you are in the service and retail industry where you have customers coming in and out throughout the day. If you do need help in managing your social media Thrive has several different management packages that we will cater to your needs. If you have any questions about these packages email Robin at

Have any stories about when a business got back to you right away on social media? Let us know! We love hearing about businesses are doing things right!





Picking Up Marketing Steam

October 19, 2012

Marketing is a hard thing to master. Some companies have a flare for it, while others struggle a little to find their groove. However, there are a few things that I have come across that can help your company pick-up marketing steam.

1)      Have a sense of humor: Nothing goes quite as viral as a hilarious video or funny quote. Take this to the next level with your company and begin to incorporate humor into your marketing platforms. It is an easy way to gain some publicity and make your company stand out.

2)      Cave and get on Pinterest: For some people this may be hard to do because it just seems to be another social media phase. But phase or not, there is a reason why it has taken everyone by storm, people are using it and using it often. Engage your consumers by creating contests, giveaways or just plain interaction.

3)      Increase # of photos: “A picture is worth a thousand words” is very much applicable to your marketing strategy. Pictures tend to attract a greater amount of attention than your average post. They are easier to share which will surely garner more ‘likes.’

4)      Thank your customers: Client appreciation is key to any business. An easy way to encourage consumer interaction is to thank them for helping you reach different milestones on your social media platforms. Not everyone can get a million ‘likes’ on their page, so thanking the people who helped you get there should be somewhat of a priority. It will make customers feel appreciated for their time which never hurts brand loyalty.  

At Thrive, we love thinking of creative ways to place your message in the right place at the right time to reach new customers. We are known for our abilities to market to women. We can reach men too! But we pride ourselves on being exceptionally capable of helping your business target Women 25-64. If you would like to talk with us about how we are able to help you better invest your advertising dollars, we’d love to hear from you. Call our office (425) 572-0978 or shoot us an email. Email Robin directly. She’s the owner and will always make time to take your call.


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