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Being Socially Devoted

October 23, 2012

We’ve posted several blogs on how to incorporate social media into your marketing mix and how to do it correctly. However, a staggering percentage of brands are ignoring how facebook is meant to be used for a business.

We’ve explained that traditional and online advertising is like using a microphone to speak to your customers or potential customers. Social media is like a telephone to answer individual questions, reward loyal followers and show your business’s personality. So why are brands/businesses not speaking to their followers on facebook? Turns out it’s pretty common, 70% of brands do not respond to facebook questions! 

We understand that it’s hard to manage all social media especially when a business is a global brand and will have hundreds of questions a day. 

Social media and digital analytics company, Socialbakers, says that “…you keep your wall open to posts, respond to at least 65 percent of questions, and respond in a timely fashion.” According to their data this isn’t happening which means businesses are totally missing the point of social media in the marketing mix. Their data also shows,“An incredible 70 percent of questions from Facebook fans are ignored which completely contradicts the interactive nature and purpose of social networks. What´s even more alarming is that 25 percent of global companies go as far as closing their wall on Facebook to prevent fans from asking questions at all.” 

Below take a look at the most socially devoted industries on facebook. Do any of these surprise you?


Thrive understands that first and foremost business owners and their staff need to focus on their job. It’s also incredibly difficult if you are in the service and retail industry where you have customers coming in and out throughout the day. If you do need help in managing your social media Thrive has several different management packages that we will cater to your needs. If you have any questions about these packages email Robin at

Have any stories about when a business got back to you right away on social media? Let us know! We love hearing about businesses are doing things right!





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