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It’s no secret…

October 11, 2012

ImageIt’s no secret that hiring managers check out your social media pages before you are offered the job. In fact 92% of them will check out your facebook, LinkedIn or twitter page before hiring you. That’s why I’m still so shocked when I see some of my friends posts. 

In July Jobvite conducted a survey of over 1000 job recruiters. Below are the top 5 social media posts that recruiters reacted negatively to.

of recruiters ranked five types of content shared on social networks that created negative reactions among hiring managers: 

References to doing illegal drugs—78 percent of recruiters reacted negatively. 

Posts/tweets of a sexual nature—66 percent reacted negatively. 

Profanity in posts/tweets—61 percent of recruiters reacted negatively. 

Spelling/grammar errors in posts/tweets—
54 percent reacted negatively. 

Pictures of consumption of alcohol—47 percent reacted negatively.

On the other hand if 92% of Job Recruiters are looking on your social media pages what a great opportunity to stand out! 

Since implementing social recruiting

49% saw an increase in quantity of candidates
43% reported an increase in candidate quality
20% reported it took less time to hire
31% saw increase in employee referrals

You can read the full survey here. Do you have any tips for a standout facebook, LinkedIn and twitter page? Email them to me at 



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