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Ruining Your Brand’s Online Reputation

September 24, 2012

iMedia Connection posted an interesting article: “How to Ruin your brand’s online reputation in 6 easy steps”. Along with the steps to destruction, they added what you should do instead. Here are a few I found interesting and then go ahead and check out the rest of the article.

Ignore Haters: “The key to ignoring your critics is to focus on your corporate website only, and maybe your branded social media channels. At all costs, avoid listening to other online communities, as the likelihood that someone will complain about you is much higher in non-branded channels. In short, design your communication strategy like there is no possibility for dialogue — and your customers will return the favor by talking about you in other places, instead of with you.”

What you should do: A company should look past ‘the fences’ and see what consumers really think about their company. Set up a type of program that allows you to compile what others are saying about you from all different kinds of resources. Then use those results to make a change if needs be.

Treat Social Media like the Wild West: “Individuals are making the rules up on the fly in social media, so it must be OK if brands do the same. Assuming that your employees, contractors, and partners never make mistakes is a one-way ticket to PR hell.”

What you should do: Set up an approval chain before posting. Make sure that your team is trained on approvals as well.

Stop Experimenting: “The web is 15 years old, so obviously everything important about digital brand relationships has already been discovered. Creativity is overrated anyway, so you’d best start your marketing widget production assembly line and let it stamp out a series of identical campaigns and initiatives.”

What you should do: “The possibilities of digital marketing initiatives truly are only driven by imagination. So, carving out a test-and-experiment budget in your annual spend is the way to give everyone — your customers, your team, and your boss — a great case study, a new revelation, or a new untapped market.”

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