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Making Mobile Work For Your Brand

September 21, 2012

In this fast paced world we live in,  mobile internet is predicted to outnumber desktop connections in the next few years. This can be a great advantage to brands if used correctly. Mobile internet allows marketers to create connections with customers that other wise may not be made. At the Ad Age Digital Conference, 3 mobile- technology innovators gave  5 tips to making mobile work for your brand.


1.Get Data–  Collect information about what users are doing on your site and what is and isn’t working. Twitter recently announced a new dashboard application for businesses so that marketers can more clearly tailor to their customers in their tweets.

2.Know What Your Consumer Wants–  Brands should try to aim toward giving their consumers the best experience. Know your people and their real experiences, the more you do the more successful your brand will be.

3.Gratify. Instantly.- We all know that we are living in an instant gratification world. This is the most difficult part. Try to make things easier and faster for your consumers because that is what will set you apart.

4. Go GlobalGet rid of U.S. mentalities and attempt to expand. More than half of the people using mobile live outside of the United States.

5. Move FirstBe more aggressive. Be more creative. At the conference Mr. Mintz said, “What you think you know about your users is wrong, and you won’t know until they tell you. So why waste time?”

Will your brand move to mobile?


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