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Social Media Revives TV Advertising

September 19, 2012

Remember when DVR’s first came out? It was amazing! Finally, somebody found a way to skip all the commercials and get to the good stuff! For advertisers however, this was not such a good thing. Well, like DVRs, there was some tension when people thought that social media was killing TV. But if you read this article, you and Alicia Silverstone can say, “as if!”

You see, research is showing that even after a decline in live tune- ins from viewers, social media has rekindled audiences that tune in to live broadcasts. What they were able to do was look at tweets and status updates and keep track of people who were commenting about a particular show or broadcast. What they found was that a large majority of these posts are occurring during the live air time, not an hour or two or even three later.

The other interesting thing is that none of this is new. The way we talk about it is however. For example, the article mentions how back when Seinfeld was in prime time, people from all over were talking about the funny sit com at water coolers across town. Now however, social media allows us to talk about it now, instead of waiting for tomorrow! And for advertisers who are still concerned that they are losing their audience if people resort to tweeting and status updates during commercial breaks, have no fear. There is no reason that you cannot integrate your television ad spots with ad spots on those social media sites as well. That way you can diversify your ads and still reach your market whether they’re sitting in front of the TV or their computer.

What do you guys think? Do you tune in to live broadcasts or are you part of the few that watch on delay? Do you think advertisers can still reach their audience effectively despite the challenges?


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  1. allen koch permalink
    April 20, 2011 7:36 pm

    Im a tv ad guy. And one thing has not changed…what ever advertising you do, it has to generate results. Engagement is awesome but did it sell a shoe/burger/car? Tweeting to your followers “watch wxyz at 5:45pm to see my new commercial” with a “mention this tweet for a discount”…now your getting somewhere.

    • June 5, 2011 10:12 pm

      Agreed! I’m a former TV gal. 🙂 Robin


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