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Simple Steps to Make Twitter Work for Your Business

September 14, 2012

When bringing up the idea of twitter to a client we can see the look of anxiety in their face. Twitter can be scary but below are simple tips to not only using twitter in your advantage but also making it fun! Social Media is a way to share your expertise. “The power of twitter is in your sharing, not your selling.” – Misty Gibs

1) Connect with hard to reach people.

Where else can you connect with writers, producers, local media outlets, and professionals in your field? Stay connected with them, reply to things that they tweet about, send them stories or links that you think they will be interested in. It is here you can start to build a relationship and engage with people  you might not have in the real world.

2) You’re the expert. Share your knowledge!

You know what you are talking about! Brand yourself as the expert in your field. Twitter is perfect for sharing tips, building your brand, and sharing your wisdom. People using twitter are engaged and networkers, if they need your services they will know who to contact.

3) Be consistent.

An easy rule to follow is one-two. Tweet once a day and reply to two people. Tweet your knowledge or experience each day, even if it is just a short fact or tip. You can even ask questions! Then reply to two of your followers tweets. It doesn’t have to be long but if their tweet caught your eye reply to them that you really enjoyed their video/article/tip that they shared. If you do this each day you start to build relationships within the twitter network.

4) Have fun and a personality.

When tweeting make sure you show your personality, this will help people to engage and relate to you. If you just tweet business and facts people won’t see a real person. Be you, your personality will show through when you are having fun and tweeting what you are passionate about!

5) It’s a telephone not a megaphone.

Talk to people on twitter as you would a telephone not a megaphone. It becomes more personal this way. If you tweet like you are talking to EVERYONE on twitter not only will people get bored of your tweets but people will be less likely to read and respond to your tweets. The goal is to be personable and network and if you are shouting at everyone on twitter how are you building relationships?

I hope these simple tips make twitter fun for you. Now go share your knowledge!!! Also follow the ladies of Thrive on facebook and twitter @kirithrive, @SeaMomPreneur, @SeattleAdAgency



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