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Six Idea-Starters for Any Advertiser

September 10, 2012

Below are 6 idea starters to help any advertiser begin thinking about how to spice up their marketing efforts. These tips were written by Dana Severson. We found these tips valuable for any business owner. -Thrive

Purchase one 60-second radio ad per day to run at the same time on the same station and the same program. Make sure that the beginning and end of your spot is consistent each day, but use the middle to change your message. Make it useful for the listener. For example, If you’re a financial planner, give a daily market report.

Instead of just placing a standard ad in print, work with the magazine to find unique opportunities to promote your message. For example, create a small ad that runs on the header or footer of every page in the magazine, changing each ad to complete the story with every page. Or, create a flipbook style ad that appears in the corners of every page.

Do something bold/unexpected with your brand. If you’re a construction company, paint your fleet of trucks pink. If you’re an accounting firm, set up a dork cam (sorry accountants), and say, “Giving you something to do when you get tired of watching your grass grow.” Regardless of your industry, feed into the stereotypes and break out of your mold, it will get you noticed.

Give something away everyday on Twitter at random times. (and, I’m not talking about a t-shirt — make sure it’s something that people desire). Give your followers a reason to have your name on a search query, watching your every tweet.

Find unique ways to promote your company and products. Think about where your customers spend their time. If you’re a dating service, create custom beer glasses with your ad on the bottom of every glass and pay local bars to use your glasses to serve to their customers. If you’re a retailer, develop wrapping paper that has “after the holiday” coupons on the back. Give the paper to customers for free to encourage after-the-holiday spending.

If you want your billboard to have legs, don’t do what everyone else does. If it’s a digital billboard, make it interactive. Allow users to determine what appears by having them visit your site and uploading their picture, name, special note, etc. If it’s a static billboard, get clever. For example, if you’re a company that makes air filters, turn the billboard into a gigantic filter and allow it to collect the debris in the air. Use it as a massive way to demonstrate your product or service.

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