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10 Reasons Why You Should Always Advertise Your Business

September 7, 2012

Below is a straight forward list of why it is imperative to always advertise. There is a great car analogy that Robin always uses to explain why businesses should be consistent with their advertising. Advertising is like driving a car. You have to use a lot of gas to get up to speed but once you reach full potential you can cruise. If you slam on the breaks you have to use more gas to get back up to speed. The last paragraph in this article does a great job explaining why consistency is key. -Thrive

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Always Advertise

1. Your market is constantly changing.
2. People forget fast.
3. Your competition isn’t quitting.
4. Advertising strengthens your identity.
5. Advertising is essential to survival and growth.
6. Advertising enables you to hold on to your existing customers.

We all rely, in part, on repeat business and referrals. Old customers are the key to both. When old customers don’t hear about you, or directly from you, they tend to move on. Cutting your advertising is a negative signal to those who actively patronize you.

7. Advertising maintains morale.
8. Advertising gives you an advantage over competitors who have ceased advertising.
9. Advertising allows your business to continue operating.

You will always have overhead; bills, telephone, rent/equipment, your time. Advertising creates the AIR overhead breathes! Advertising is the portion of your business responsibilities that rejuvenates and draws new life (revenue) into the process.

10. You have invested money that you stand to lose. If you stop advertising, everything you’ve invested becomes lost, as the consumer’s awareness you’ve purchased slowly dwindles away. Sure you can buy it again, but you’ll have to start from scratch.

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