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5 Great Tips for Twitter Marketing

August 23, 2012

Anyone can create a Twitter account for their company, but the real trick is using the tool as a successful marketing platform. Mashable gives us 5 tips on how to market correctly on Twitter.

1. Use Promoted Trends or Promoted Tweets to Publicize an Event– Twitter is about telling us what is going on right now. Many Twitter users go to the homepage just to see what topics are trending each day. If you are using a promoted trend or promoted tweet, it helps to have some kind of product you are launching, an event, or some kind of news.

2. Build the Brand With Promoted Accounts- Twitter can position promoted accounts in front of Twitter users who might be interested in a brand. An example of this may be that a twitter user follows a lot of baseball teams. A promoted account for Major League Baseball would work.

3. Use your Hashtags –  Using Hashtags creates conversation and involvement from consumers. People like Audi and RadioShack have used Hashtags proving much more effective then by asking Tweeters to follow your company.

4.Counterprogram- A good example of this was when AT&T aired commercials constantly during March Madness, while Verizon brought up March Madness related promoted trends on Twitter. Verizon held onto the online discussion.

5.Follow Through- Using Twitter to award fans is a great idea, only if you follow through. Kraft made this mistake when they started a campaign through Twitter which would award a consumer who used ‘Mac & Cheese’ the most in their Tweets. The winner has yet to see his award that Kraft promised. Had he gotten his award, Kraft would have had thousands more followers by now.

By paying attention to some of these strategies, you are guaranteed to see positive results!

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  1. June 23, 2011 8:50 am

    Thanks for the post. I hadn’t considered the Promoted features of twitter yet, but have seen great success using hashtags, both in posts and also in research.

    Great information!

  2. March 11, 2012 4:20 pm

    You should rename this one “5 great tips for twitter marketing” You have some great content here my friend. Love it!!


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