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6 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook

August 20, 2012

Although you may believe that your Facebook or Twitter account is private… you can never be too sure. With that said, you really have to consider what you share online. You may find your hilarious status update nothing more than a witty, sarcastic remark,;but others may not share your feelings. Even if you are one of the few people with a very select group of online followers, your followers may be connected to thousands of people who can easily read your status once your “friend” acknowledges it.

Below are a few updates that you should try to stay away from:

1) Politics or Religion: Just as these can cause really awkward situations in real life, sharing them online is no different. Sharing your point of view is something that should done in a private and comfortable environment as to not be the spark between a war of words with your followers.. which can get really ugly, really fast.

2) Financial Information: This might be common sense to some, but a surprising number of people share how much they have or don’t have, when they are getting paid, where that money is coming from and where they plan on spending it. This could easily make anyone a target for robbery, all of the information needed is right online.

3) Negative Thoughts About Work: Everyone has a bad day or two at work. But badmouthing your boss or your co-workers is just asking for trouble. You may not think that it will be public information, but one rant about work could land you in hot water, all it takes is one co-worker to see your status before it spreads like wild fire. If you don’t have anything nice to say… don’t say it online.

4) Family or Love Life Drama: The internet is used by some as an outlet for the emotional turmoil that is occurring in their lives. Don’t ever be that person. It is terribly awkward and sometimes annoying to see those obviously, overly dramatized statuses about personal issues. Especially when it involves domestic violence or abuse, topics that should never be taken lightly just scattered throughout someone’s page. There are many serious topics that should remain offline and dealt with accordingly.

5) Rumors: It may be fun to gossip about the latest office fling or about your friend’s obsession with cats but all of this has a limit. Being known as the “rumor mill” is never a flattering description of you, and although you may get a laugh of some of the situations you witness.. you have to remember that continuing rumors is always bad. No matter what they always come back to you.

6) Vacation Plans: Insert my mom’s voice here… Don’t post updates about you leaving town before you leave or during your vacay. Probably best not to let the public know that your home is left alone ripe for the picking…


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