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5 ways to make yourself more productive at work

May 22, 2012

Many people tend to “work” over 40 hours a week, not due to the amount of work that they are responsible for, but because they don’t use their time well at work. We all have a tendency to get caught up with emails, phone calls, the internet, or even miscellaneous tasks that just eat up time. I know I am definitely guilty of some of these distractions. Here are some helpful tips to make yourself more productive in the office:

  1. Make things automatic. Control over your schedule stops you from getting tired at work.
  2. Move matters. Happiness and overconfidence both boost productivity. Although we may have those days that you are dragged out of bed in order to go into the office, put on a smile and make the best out of the day.
  3. Get enough sleep. Sleep ensures you will have the energy to perform all of your tasks for the next day. Your entire day can be affected by the amount of sleep you get the night before. Naps can always help.
  4. Rivals increase performance but they also make us more likely to cheat. Make sure you have that balance between competition and ethics.
  5. Set reasonable goals for yourself. Make sure you have goals that will motivate you, yet are still achievable.

The main thing is to have a balance. Working non-stop for hours upon hours a day will not ensure you will be productive either. Your brain needs a break. Have any other helpful hints for being productive at work?


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