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5 ways to lose that dream job

April 25, 2012

As an –almost— recent graduate myself, there have been many tips that I have learned over the past year or so about what to do to nail your dream job. You always hear the “know what you want” or “never give up,” speeches, but you rarely hear what not to do. Here are some tips of what NOT to do that may be valuable if you don’t want to blow that dream job opportunity.

Blow off your phone interview

If you get the to have a phone interview with a recruiter, most likely your resume and cover letter has already passed the initial stages. This opportunity means your skills have impressed the recruiter and they want to speak more with you.

It is important to take a phone interview seriously like a regular in-person interview. Be prepared. Know the company’s background and product or service. Prepare questions to ask the recruiter. Sit in a quiet room. Stand-up or sit-up straight. Dress professionally. Research has shown that people who are sitting up and dressed well, sound more confident than those who are slouching and sitting in bed in your PJs.

Talk About Other Job Opportunities

Recruiters don’t need to know what other jobs you may be apply for. They may ask you during the interview, but unless they do, keep quiet and don’t brag about other opportunities. You never know, they may just tell you to take that other job, so they don’t get bothered anymore.

Provide T.M.I.

It’s a rough world out in the job market, but your recruiter doesn’t need to hear your sob story. This goes for all people, new graduates, long time workers and even veterans of the workforce. It is always better to put a positive spin to that topic than ask for sympathy.

Talk Negatively About Former Supervisors or Positions

It’s a small world. You never know who someone is and who they know. The worse thing to do is vent about previous jobs or supervisors at another job. If you are frustrated, leave the venting to close friends or family. With the help of social media and networking, the degrees of separation have dropped to six to about 4.74. This means that someone may be connected to someone else in less than five connections.

Act Cocky

There is a fine line between cocky and confident. You should go into an interview with confidence and your head held high, but not too high that you forget you are seeking a job.

What are some other tips you could give a recent grad of what not to do in an interview? Or tips on what we should do? Let us know!


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