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Pinterest FTW

April 16, 2012

The saying reads true, “a picture is worth a thousand words” or at least more than 140 characters. The social network of Pinterest has become the third largest social media platform, trailing Facebook and Twitter, with over 104 million total visits in March.

Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to virtual pinboards. It allows users to create customized theme boards and pin whatever images their heart desires.

The biggest contributor to this success is, women. According to the Inside Network AppData, 97 percent of the sites users are women. Hitwise classifies these women into three main categories:

  • Boomers & Boomerangs: These individuals are the baby boomers adults and their offspring that live with them or out of the house. This group accounts for more than 10 percent of the Pinterest visits, in which they will pin travel plans, imagery related to their online shopping habits, fantasy weddings and delicious desserts. This group loves to window shop and will pin anything that may only be a dream. Most often live in older houses which will also spike some DIY projects and home improvement ideas.
  • Babies & Bliss: This group of individuals is the mothers of large families (with five or more children in their houses). They will most likely be in their 30s and 40s and are usually working full time. They gravitate towards upscale items and value deals on high-quality products. They like to pin things related to convenience and good deals.
  • Families Matter Most: The last group includes the young middle-class families with active lifestyles. They are the fastest growing segment. They are interested in things that allow for effective multi-tasking. They will pin anything that relates to making life easier. Unlike the boomers & boomerangs, this group avoids window-shopping and will most likely pin useful and practical things such as easy recipes, child friendly activities and healthy living habits.

There a few key reasons why this site has succeeded rapidly. The main contributing factor is that women trust recommendations from other pinners more than any other social media platform. Women get their ideas from other women in their circle of friends more than anywhere else.

This site is a gold mine for brands targeting women in this demographic. Here are some ways this site can benefit using this new social networking site:


According to Sharacholic, Pinterest has sent more referral traffic to websites that Twitter did in February this year.

Many brands have been using Pinterest to attract traffic to visit their sites. It has become a cheaper and easier form of advertising. Instead of spending an advertising budget on sidebar ads or click-through advertising, many companies, especially those featuring CPG’s, have found a more efficient way to drive traffic to their sites.


Marketers have an open window to what their consumer’s interests are. This removes the research that needs to be done to reveal what consumers are wanting and looking at. Pinterest has virtually allowed marketers to easy access to discover their target market’s needs.

The site Etsy is a prime example of storeowners who have boasted sales because of Pinterest. Etsy is a virtual channel in which store owners can sell their own products on and it caters to creative, interesting and unique items.

Another example I have recently come across is an Australian based company called Esther Boutique. They design beautiful, trendy clothing for young adults. Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled upon this site and have fallen in love with every piece of clothing. Small, private businesses are able to use Pinterest to market their products and are even able to go international.

Building Brand Loyalty

Many brands including Martha Stewart and Kate Spade have started pinning like crazy. They have acquired 19,000 and 34,000 followers, respectively.

Kotex was one of the first brands to use Pinterest in an advertising campaign.  Kotex found 50 “inspiring” women and looked at what they were pinning on Pinterest. Then, the brand sent the women a virtual gift. If the recipient pinned the gift, she then got a real one in the mail that was based on something she had pinned. Smoyz, the agency behind the effort, claims nearly 100% of the women posted something about their gift, not only on Pinterest, but on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In total, there were more than 2,200 interactions based on the 50 gifts.

Is Pinterest the new upcoming trend for advertising? Share your thoughts!


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