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A Creative Approach to Marketing

April 9, 2012

With the help of the internet and social media, marketing has evolved into a indefinite world that has endless opportunities. The use of creative advertising has been taken to a new level.  This method has also been known as guerrilla marketing. It has become very popular tactic in today’s generations to catch attention of an audience or the public. On average, people see over 3,000 advertisements per day.With that amount of advertisements that people are bombarded with on daily basis, companies need to stand out and make a statement when advertising to their target market.


Many companies have been able to take advantage of this form of marketing and implement into their strategies to gain a presence in society and ultimately, draw in profit. A recent example has not been for a company, but for a particular person. This past Easter Sunday, an advertising copywriter, Jenna Livingston hid 200 Ryan Gosling-themed Easter eggs around Manhattan, New York. Each egg included a picture of Gosling with a clever Easter message saying, “Hop on over to my house already. Happy Easter from Ryan Gosling.” She also created a Twitter handle @GoslingEaster that encouraged people to tweet their picture with their egg.

Although this was only a follow-up experiment for Livingston, this was a clever advertising model for Gosling as many people were eager to find the brightly colored eggs and follow this Twitter feed. As of Sunday night, @GoslingEaster had 543 followers and was a trending topic for the day.

The cost for this small advertising experiment was very minimal compared to the hundreds of dollars spent on traditional advertising. It is crazy how a simple task of hiding Easter eggs around a city can create talk among hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. This shows how the advertising opportunities for even smaller companies, with a lower advertising budget, can have the ability to reach a handful of people. If you have a creative mind within your company, the opportunities are endless to spread the word and connect with a broader audience.


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  1. April 9, 2012 10:20 am

    Nice, very nice 🙂

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