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4 First Steps: How to Reach Women with Your Marketing Message

February 27, 2012

I believe one of my greatest skills as a woman business owner is an innate ability to effectively reach a key group of affluent, female consumers.  Ladies who have an exponential influence on purchase decisions – the ones who spend more, know more and talk more about the products and services they love. The New York Times has published studies on what is called the “Marketing Multiplier” Effect. Marketing Multipliers are people with online voices that your customers listen to. Some call this “Word of Mouth Marketing”. I am choosing to refer to them as “Marketing Multipliers”. Since the topic of this blog is about reaching women specifically; I am going to share with you 4 first steps to reach women marketing multipliers.

1. Learn what excites women.

Before you begin marketing to women you have to understand them. I’m sure any men who are reading this are thinking, “Yeah right! As if I’ll ever really understand women… Lol! However, this is an imperative part of learning to reach women with your marketing message because until you understand why women buy products and services you can’t effectively sell them on yours. Kotex rocked this concept when they introduced brightly colored tampons. Let’s be honest, it’s highly unlikely that hot pink tampons are more functional than white ones. But guess what, pink applicators are “so much cuter” than white ones; so Kotex has likely gained market share in an industry that may have been dominated by Tampax. Kotex’ tagline? “Oooh, it comes in my color.” I’m guessing a man didn’t create the colored tamp idea. Just sayin’.

By studying what excites women, you will have a better idea of how to market your product/service to them. Spend some time with the women in your life. Read their Facebook updates. What makes them happy? Sad? What words do they use to describe their excitement?

2. Speak their language.

After spending time observing what makes women excited, start to write down key phrases and words that they use to describe their emotion. For instance, when I am really pumped about something I’ll usually post a status update on Facebook that has the phrase, “Best. Day. Ever.” in it. I’m in a desirable demographic. I’m in my upper 20s. I have a nice income that allows me discretion. I’m a hard-working business owner and I’m a mom. I make healthcare, home improvement, educational, household and financial decisions every single day. If a brand like PEMCO Insurance started marketing to me with a statement like this, “PEMCO’s Safe Driver Discount could make today the Best. Day. Ever.” I may be inclined to see what is so awesome about their discount. It would cause just enough curiosity in me that I might click the link to learn more. I’d be willing to engage in a conversation with them. Which is ultimately what we want, right? We want women to consider beginning a relationship with a product or service.

This PEMCO idea is totally an example and probably not a great one since I’m writing this off the cuff, but the concept applies. By spending time observing women decision makers and learning the way they speak and where they speak that way, companies will be able to better engage with female consumers.

3. Invest your dollars where they count the most.

As a media buyer by day, I believe that where you place your advertising dollars is equally, if not more important, than the message itself. You can have the greatest ad campaign ever and if you put it in the wrong place, it will fail. Think back to Kotex. Would an ad for brightly colored tampons work in Maxim? Probably not. Is their message perfect for Glamour or Cosmopolitan? Heck yeah!! It’s imperative to consider where you are sending your message as much as you do the message itself.

4. Find out of the box ways to reach women.

Back to the term I introduced in the beginning, “Marketing Multipliers” (MM). MMs are people with online voices that your customers listen to. One way to connect with women is to consider reaching out to bloggers and online personalities who can help begin a conversation about your business or product. I wrote a blog about this not long ago that will give you more detailed ideas on how to effectively work with bloggers to market your brand.

By thinking outside of the box when it comes to building connections with female consumers you will be able to outsmart your competition by working smarter not harder. Consider ways to begin interacting with these smart, savvy women online where they are most comfortable having conversations. It will pay dividends for years to come because once women love your brand they will tell their friends… And so the power of “word of mouth” marketing begins. I like to think of positive online conversations as word of mouth marketing on steroids! 15 years ago a happy customer may have told their neighbor at the mailbox about your awesome business. Now they can tell the whole world. It’s powerful stuff my friend. But like a gun, it’s only valuable if you know how to shoot. Not learning to fire correctly can be very dangerous. So consider hiring a professional to help you get started. You’ll learn along the way. Here’s to a fabulous 2012 of reaching smart, successful gals just like you!


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