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Tips For Recent Grads Entering The Workforce

February 9, 2012

Robin and I had the pleasure of going to the University of Washington yesterday to chat with students about the world of marketing and what businesses are looking for in recent grads. We thought it would be beneficial if we put some of the topics we talked about on our blog.

1) Do an internship(s) in a field you are interested in or think you may be interested in. Even if you realize that you don’t want to be in that field use the internship to build skills and contacts with those in the field you want to be in.

2) Use your internship to build contacts and network. My internship was AMAZING for this. My boss set up weekly informational interviews with people in different positions in the marketing world. It was great to chat with people who all had different jobs and roles. I got to see the positions I liked and find out the ones I didn’t. If your internship doesn’t do this ask your boss if this is something you two could set up.Your job in you internship is to take that knowledge and contacts and turn it into a career.

3) Your first job wont be your last. It will take work to get to the job you want. This was a huge slap of reality in my face when I graduated from college. I waited tables and worked at a bakery after I graduated. I did this for nine months before I found an entry level job in the marketing industry. The position was only 2 days a week for $10/hour. This isn’t what I thought it was going to be like once I graduated but nobody was going to hire me, give me a great salary and an awesome position when I had NO experience. I took the 2 day a week job because I knew it was a great opportunity for an awesome company. That company was Thrive! Three years later I’m still here (thank goodness) with a fabulous position with a great company.

4) Get a job where your skills will shine! This may not even be a job that relates to your degree and that’s OK. If you are good at your job and you are able to utilize your skills you will most likely enjoy what you do… plus your boss will like you 😉 You may not even recognize your skills until after you get in the work force. I didn’t realize some of the skills I had until I started working for Thrive and I feel like I excel in my position because I am able to utilize those skills every day.

5) Continue to network even after you get your job! Attend networking functions in your area. Follow the blogs and social media of companies you are interested in and comment on them if you have something interesting to say. Attend events in your area even if it isn’t a networking event because you never know who you are going to meet or who they know. I think this is one of the most important rules. I believe Thrive has done so well because of this. We are always out and about and a lot of business has been referred to us by people we have met or know.

Do you have tips for recent grads or college students that will be helpful for them going into the workforce? If so share them with us!

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