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It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

November 3, 2011



Ever notice that after a person has a heart attack they change everything? They eat the right foods, begin an exercise program, try to reduce stress and start living healthier lives. Why did it take a heart attack to change behavior?

It’s always darkest before the dawn

As human beings, we are creatures of habit. We’re often lazy and choose the path of least resistance; we seek a comfort zone, and in general, would rather not do the difficult. Yet if you think back on your life-when did you learn and grow the most? No doubt it occurred during a trying time in your life, a time of loss, a time of challenge, and most often a time of defeat.

So here we are with the consumer confidence level at a three decade low, pessimism rules the day, Europe’s collapsing and China is slowing down-unemployment is rampant, deficit spending by the U.S. government is soaring, Social Security is running out. Things are bad and only a foolish optimist would say otherwise. The newsmakers tell us that “the American economy lacks confidence”-how could it not?

America has had a “heart attack.” Americans are rebooting to a new value proposition. Don’t spend more than you make, pay off debt, provide value with all that you do, be loyal to your employer, you have a job and you’d like to keep it. The extremes are grabbing the headlines, “Occupy Wall Street”, the “Tea Party”-the media is always attracted to the noise. The real change in America is quietly taking place in discussions at the kitchen table. Americans are talking about real values, trust, integrity and hard work.

We’ve experienced trauma and now long-term changes are occurring. In my opinion, good changes, healthy changes. The bankers and moneylenders lead us down the wrong path, short-term gains that sacrificed long-term values. These mistakes will continue to have a negative impact on the economy; because consumers are not spending, they are shopping value and buying only what they need. That is a huge shift, but a healthy long-term benefit. Americans are saving which means there will be money to invest in future opportunities, good for the economy.

 As a nation, we have a history of uniting during dark times; we have endured and we have prospered and we will do so again. In your business, in your life, it is important to have a work-life balance to invest in yourself, your family and your people. It’s always darkest before the dawn. God Bless America. 


Written By: CoachAnovick
Developing Potential, Producing Results
Paul Anovick
Anovick Associates
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