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Integrating Social Media into Your Traditional Advertising

September 12, 2011

A recurring dilemma our clients face is having a strong traditional advertising campaign and a well-built social media presence but not knowing how to combine the two. Integrating traditional advertising with social media helps businesses create strong, engaging campaigns that connect with consumers through several channels which ultimately leads to successful brand and message awareness. With 88% of companies projected to use social media tools for marketing by 2012, according to, knowing how to integrate your social media presence with your traditional advertising is crucial. Bringing a brand’s audience online to it’s social media sites allow consumers to interact with the company, increasing the impact of their message and branding. In order for this to work, both traditional advertising and social media channels need to work together.

A simple way is to include a social media call to action (CTA) within your traditional advertising creative. One or two CTA’s will work; anything more than that will overwhelm the consumer.  The CTA needs to be clear and simple to drive consumers to your social media sites.  Give consumers  a compelling reason to seek your business/brand out  when viewing your traditional TV commercial, print advertisement, or radio commercial. Entertaining online videos (youtube, vimeo, etc), contests, and exclusive rewards for followers can work as well.

Before sending consumers to your social media channels make sure that they are well put together with the image and brand you want to project.

Marketers are looking to make advertising more effective by giving consumers a complete experience. The goal is to utilize multiple channels to encourage interaction. Below are a few ideas of how to successfully integrate your traditional advertising with social media.

Social media engagement can be done poorly. Make sure you're strategic in your efforts. We can help you!

1. Television: Insert social media icons and a call to action at the end of your commercials inviting people to follow your business on twitter, facebook, etc.

  1. If you want to take it further create a commercial solely focused on generating new social media followers. Tell your viewers why they should follow you! Ex: Create a commercial that tells viewers about exclusive offers or contests for twitter and facebook followers.  

2. Print/billboard:Add your social media profiles to your print ads to drive readers to your profiles.  Consumers want to know how it will benefit them to follow you. Place a message under the Twitter and Facebook icons stating that followers receive exclusive offers.

  1. If you want to take it a step further create a print ad with testimonials or kind words from your social media followers.
  2. Showcase your Facebook contests in the ad. Perhaps you’re offering a product giveaway with a CTA for consumers to become a fan to enter to win.

3. Radio: Similar to the abaove suggestions, make sure to include a CTA in every radio commercial encouraging listeners to follow your business on  Twitter and/or Facebook for exclusive offers and giveaways. Radio spots are easy to update on a moment’s notice so use that to  your advantage. Update the offers frequently so listeners are encouraged to join your networks.

Once you’ve developed a solid social media following reward your followers by giving them sneak peeks of your traditional advertising. Old Spice has done a great job with this by releasing their “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign. They had a huge outpour of followers following their TV spots. Now they “reward” their followers by sharing their new commercials with them online before they actually air on television. By following this example you will make your customers feel like insiders! They’ll feel special, which is exactly how you want them to feel!

Lastly, remember that it is imperative to stay consistent with your messaging and branding across all forms of your advertising; whether traditional or online.  Make sure that what you are projecting through traditional advertising is consistent with your messaging on your website and social media channels.  Be proactive in monitoring what people are saying about your product and make sure to answer their questions and solve any problems they may have.

For questions about traditional advertising and social media contact Thrive Advertising’s owner Robin Ernst @



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