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Easy Google+ Tips

July 19, 2011

In just 3 weeks Google+ has more than 10 million people. I just received my invite last week and started to set up my profile but thought I would check out some tips beforehand. I came across this eWEEK article about how to use “your new favorite social network”  and thought I would share 5 tips that were helpful to me.

                                                  1) Think about your Circles – Google+ wants you to add anyone you want but you can add people into custom Circles such as friends, family, following or acquaintances. Do it early so you don’t have to take hours to do it later when you build your network. Circles are a great way of separating people such as “friends” and “colleagues” so more personal information isn’t spread around the office. Which brings us to the next step…

2) Learn How to Send – You may not want your Mom or colleagues to see pictures of your Vegas trip. So you have the option to share your images with only certain Circles. Before you click the “share” button, click the blue box next to a Circle so that it has an “X” in it. This will make it so you DON’T share with that circle. 

3) Post Often – Google+ is one of those sites that you get out of it what you put into it. Like facebook Google+ will be a marketing and communication tool. Make sure to post often, follow people and network.

4) Use Sparks – If you are interested in specific topics online you can compose a list of Sparks news feeds. You can customize this by entering topics in the Sparks search box and then adding that interest to your feed.

5) Use – This site has an easy to use search tool to find friends or people on Google+ to connect with.

Have you set up your Google+ account? If so share your tips and thoughts with me at!

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