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Guerilla Marketing

June 23, 2011

Guerilla marketing can be summed up as unconventional, unexpected marketing techniques that often interact with the audience in an unusual way or place. (Ok that is a really broad definition, but you get the idea). In New Zealand, a clothing store has taken guerilla marketing to a whole new level. According to, Superette (the store behind the campaign), has started using the backs of women’s legs to market their store. How you ask? Well, in various park and mall benches as well as bus stops, the campaign has left indented plates on the seats so that when a woman (or man) sits down with shorts or a skirt on, it can leave impressions on their skin with their current promotion. Some people are praising the creativity; some are infuriated with the invasion of their own body. What do you think? Should they get permission to advertise on women’s bodies or is their method considered fair? Click here to see the article and the cool picture that shows what the final product looks like.

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