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Facebook Changes Marketers Need To Know About

June 21, 2011

Facebook is ever evolving. In order for marketers to help companies get the most valuable experience from Facebook, keeping up with these changes is crucial. Imedia Connection mentions 8 changes Facebook has recently made. I will share 4. Be sure to check out the rest of the article.

Updated Pages– The main difference for Facebook pages is that it now looks and feels more like user profiles. This allows you to login and interact more with your fans and other brands. Pages also now have news feeds with the ability to comment and ‘like’ on other pages.

Iframes & Sponsored Stories- There are now four types of sponsored stories on Facebook:

  • “Likes: When people “like” something on a Page, brands can employ that “like” in their Facebook advertisements.
  • Wall posts: The same goes for wall posts. Anything posted on a wall is open to be sponsored by a brand and included in their Facebook ads.
  • Check-ins: When people use Facebook Places to check in to a location, that information can be displayed in an advertisement.
  • Custom apps: Interactions taken on custom applications — for example, taking a quiz or poll — can be sponsored.”

3 of the 4 Sponsored Stories can be used on Facebook pages.

Ad Targeting-Ads are now being tested based on status updates. The ads on the right hand column will reflect what types of things you talked about on your status updates. This is still in the works, but this type of ad targeting has the ability evolve into something very powerful in the future.

Brand Tagging- “According to Facebook, 3 billion images are uploaded to Facebook each month.” This gives marketers a lot of opportunities to be featured in ‘real- life placements’. This is a big step for brands and with uploading photos as the biggest application on Facebook, live placements can be greatly beneficial.

Facebook can be a very powerful tool for a brand through some of these new changes. Have you used any of them yet?

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