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QR Codes: Will You Use Them?

June 7, 2011

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and continue to pop up everywhere. The offline hyperlinks can be plastered anywhere and read by a simple app on a smart phone. These codes can link to almost anything, including, facebook pages, tips, advice, videos, products, websites, etc.

Edelman gives some suggestions in how to purposefully use these  QR codes:

  • A nonprofit’s website or Facebook page to learn more about the issue and/or partnership, particularly in the event that a portion of a purchase benefits a cause. Consumers could immediately learn how their donations help.
  • A volunteer sign-up or donation page.
  • Product or company sustainability information.
  • A page to redeem points for purchasing environmentally friendly products, which could then be used towards prizes or rewards. Similarly, the codes could be used to “check-in” when volunteering, generating rewards with participating partners.
  • A survey, petition, voting or crowdsourcing campaign.
  • Link to information on how to use the product more responsibly or efficiently, which would obviously vary by industry. With food products, the codes could pull up healthy recipe ideas.

They also added an intersting point; with this exciting technology of having the ability to provide consumers with instant information or rewards, the way a company can convey this message is even more exciting. A company can use video, picture, downloads, games, text, and much more.

I suspect QR codes will become more prevalent and useful, so keep a watch out!

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