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Reward Your Facebook Fans

June 2, 2011

The challenge of having a facebook page is figuring out how to engage and build your fan base. One of the best ways to do this is by rewarding your fans. American Express published a great article giving 4 tips in rewarding your fans.  “Giving fans what they want can vary from discounts, to empowering them to support causes, to providing them with exclusive content and information. In many cases, success is a mix of all of these.”

1. Offer exclusive discounts, coupons and content-  Everyone loves deals. You can get very creative with this and engage your fans by allowing various types of deals. “There are also low-cost applications you can use to create custom fan-only tabs for your Facebook Page.”

2. Help fans give back- Some companies reward fans by helping them give back to others. Set up opportunities for fans to donate.

3. Show you’re listening- Creating a relationship with your customers can be powerful. “One of the best ways to reward fans for their continued support is by showing them you’re listening to their opinions and feedback.”

4. Recognize individual fans-  One way to reward your fans is to showcase individual fans on your page. “Make them feel like the special customers they are… They did take the time to ‘like’ your page.”

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