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Sharing Content With Value

May 26, 2011

What sort of things do you post on your social networks? Content sharing is becoming more prevalent on social sites. Edelman posted a great article about the importance of posting relevant content that engages communities. Before you post content on your social networks, ask yourself if your post does any of the following things…

1. Does it Spark Interest? “does this link, photo, status message, etc. bring anything of interest to the table? If the answer is no, don’t proceed. If you aren’t yet sure of what your audience reacts to or is interested in, try content testing.”

2. Does it Prompt Discussion? ” Sharing an article is a good first step, but the key to success is fostering a discourse related to that article. You will deepen your audience’s engagement and strengthen your own voice in any given focus area.”

3.Does it articulate a unique view point? “A fresh point of view, when shared appropriately and respectfully, can provide value to your audience. A consumer brand may want to shy away from this type of content sharing, but for experts on a topic, it may be valuable in distinguishing your voice online. … ” A community manager should be prepared to engage in healthy commentary, but not hostile conversation, regarding diverse points of view on any given topic from packaged goods to politics.”

4.Is it designed to be shared and re-shared? ” Online communities, just like any other, are based on trust; by sharing content from within your community, you can grow trust and strengthen the overall community. Advocating for one another within a network by re-posting, re-tweeting, re-blogging fosters authority and credibility for both parties. Sharing the content of your followers or fans builds relationships, but also makes your content more diverse, valuable and interesting.”

5. Does it provide a clear, concise and accurate analysis? “As the editor of your social network’s content output, you must continually provide clear, concise and accurate information. Whether growing your community from the ground up, or maintaining tens of thousands of community members, it is important that you share easily digestible content. Knowing your audience and understanding its level of knowledge on any topic can help you discern between content that is clear and concise versus pretentious, boring or inaccurate.”

Do you have tips or experiences on content sharing?

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