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Seriously, Thank You

May 16, 2011


The words “thank you” can be very powerful. They are powerful in our personal relationships and not surprisingly, they are powerful in our professional relationships. We have shared on here before the importance of sending a thank you note, especially after a interview or consult, and I am just here to reiterate how valuable those words are!

Michelle Edelman wrote an article for which you can find here.  In it, she asks us when is the last time you thanked your customers? It is easy to thank those who we directly speak and interact with, but often times, businesses do not get to do that with their customers (or at least, they don‘t take advantage of the opportunity to do so). In this particular case, the author shares her experience with Toms Shoes. She explains that nothing was out of the ordinary about the purchase or the transaction she made with the company, until the box came in the mail. Inside she found a folded piece of paper that had a note saying to her as a customer, thank you. Toms was trying to convey that they particularly appreciated her business and the ability it gives them to reach their goal, which is to provide shoes for people who otherwise do not have any, or cannot afford them.

There are so many facets to the marketing world, and while having a prominent social media presence or an excellent television ad can be very beneficial (and it can), sometimes a simple, genuine, unadulterated “thank you” can go a long way.


Have you ever had an experience where a company has expressed it’s gratitude to you? Let us know!


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