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In-Store Marketing Starts At Home

May 10, 2011

The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article about the changes happening with in-store marketing. Going online seems to be the new way shoppers are out to find deals before they hit the grocery store.

The article explained, “Some 62% of shoppers say they search for deals online for at least half of their shopping trips.” Brands and retailers are obligated to become more creative with their online approach; creating campaigns on their sites, building relationships with bloggers, and giving out deals using social media.

The article gives many examples of how companies are attempting this online approach. P&G recently decided to send make-up bloggers packs of mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner to try out and blog before the new products were released.

The article concluded with this, “The reality is marketers have to pull more levers today than they ever had to before. All of us are consuming media in so many different ways—some people are only online, some only watch TV,” says Ms. Howell. “The bulk [are] somewhere in the middle, and that’s what’s making it harder to determine what is the correct formula.”

Advertising is more challenging then ever and innovation is the key.

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