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Is Your World Your Office?

May 3, 2011

Since Robin and Kiri were out of town over the weekend, it reminded  me of an article written by a small ad agency owner I read the other day. He made an interesting point about making it a priority to get out of the office. He believes that success doesn’t come from behind the desk but rather leaving the office.

Meet with others in your industry- “On a recent April retreat with CEO’s from other industries, it was truly reinvigorating to hear about challenges other leaders were having in their companies — and how they were approaching their solutions. You don’t have access to that kind of fresh thinking if you stay at your desk. ”

Take personal vacations- “wipe your mental slate clean and infuse new thinking and perspective”

Attend conferences. Meet other people, see new things- “spending more time with thinkers from other industries. Consultants. Attending conferences. Hearing alternate points of view. Meeting new and fascinating people. Seeing advertising in other parts of the country and around the globe.”

“All of these experiences help improve my perspective on how I run my company differently. The strategy may stay the same, but the approach and the tactics change. And that’s the beauty of it.”

Will you get out of the office this week?

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