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Want a Free Pepsi?

April 22, 2011

IntoNow, a newly launched i phone app recently announced a deal made with Pepsi. The idea is to encourage users to tag an upcoming Pepsi campaign with the possibility of winning a free soda.

What does IntoNow exactly do? says this, “According to CEO Adam Cahan, IntoNow has amassed a comprehensive database of five years’ worth of information on TV shows, or 150 million minutes of content, and is continuously collecting data on new shows as they air—without requiring the participation of any TV networks.”

What do they do with this? “We can fingerprint TV shows in real time, and the technology is 99 percent accurate,” claims Cahan. “This allows people to connect around shows they are watching and find out from friends other shows they might like.” This helps people identify what they are watching but also allows one to share what they are watching and like with friends on twitter and facebook.

IntoNow has impressive stats to show since launching in January. The company collected 1 million tags and 7 percent of those tags were commercials! This allowed the company to see that teaming up with other brands is possible.

Their newest deal is with Pepsi. The first 50,000 users who tag Pepsi at an upcoming Major-league baseball themed Pepsi commercial will win a free 20 oz Pepsi.

IntoNow hopes that in the future they will be able to work with movie and automotive advertisers as well. They are hopeful for their future, considering 30% of their tags get shared.

What do you think about this app? Will you join in?


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