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Social Media and the Entrepreneur

April 12, 2011

We’ve discussed on our blog the power of social media on several different occasions. However, I wanted to address it in a different way this time. Social media and technology in general have completely changed the way we operate as a society. Together, they have made the opportunity to be an entrepreneur even easier. Now more than ever, people are given chances to go off on their own and really succeed as small or startup companies. Thrive is a great example of one of those companies, and there are many more that have succeeded as a result of these new marketing utensils.

I came across this article and I couldn’t help but get on here and share it with you all. In this day and age, we are all trying to provide for our families and give them the best life we know how. However, some occupations that make the most money (doctors, lawyers, accountants) are no longer a sure fire way to pay the bills. We see more and more people branching out and starting their own business. With the assistance of social media, it is becoming easier for more people to do and tangible for those envisioning their goals. There are so many different avenues that your business can pursue in various social media directions, all it takes is finding the right one!

Here at Thrive we are so grateful for not only the opportunities that social media has provided for our business, but also the opportunities it provides for our clients and their businesses. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but with all these tools at our fingertips, it is becoming easier. Let us know if we can help the entrepreneur in you!


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