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Successful blogging

April 8, 2011

As we all know blogging is playing a huge roll in our society, wither it be a business blog, a ‘niche’ blog, or a personal blog. Anyone can blog but the key is making it successful. Here are a few pointers you might want to consider!


1. Have an aesthetically pleasing layout- Many people are drawn to blogs that are easy on the eyes. Use layouts that are clean. Add interesting images. Bold ,underline, and italicize to emphasize points.

2. Use links and tags- Adding links and tagging words in your posts creates search engine optimization. This can raise awareness of your blog greatly.

3.Involve yourself in the blogging world- Search out other bloggers and comment on their pages. You will be surprised how much traffic can come to your blog from merely commenting on other blogs similar to yours- but make sure your comments are genuine and relevant.

4. Be active in your social networks- Placing social network buttons at the end of each post allows readers to share your post with others or allows them to keep up with you. Also make sure to put a link to your blog on your social networks every time you post.

5.Have fun- Remember blogging should be an enjoyable. Your readers can feel your passion through your words. Happy blogging!

Not only does Thrive have a blog but Robin does as well! Check out her blog about being a business owning mom!

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