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Creating Your Brand

March 30, 2011

So I was meandering through today, trying to soak up any information I could and I came across this article. Do you ever find yourself reading something and you can’t help but repeat to yourself, “yes, I know exactly what they’re talking about!”? It just makes you want to read more. Well, that is what this article did for me.

It talks about the power of not just a good brand, but the experience that brand provides. Consumers are so dang smart, you really can’t fool any of them nowadays! With social media sites at their fingertips, all you have to do is disgruntle one customer and you’ve provided bad advertising to thousands, if not millions of business potentials. The whole point of me sharing this is to inspire those of you who are starting your own business. The fact of the matter is your business is not likely to succeed if you are a “dime-a-dozen” brand. In the retail industry, you can set yourself apart by providing a shopping experience for your customers. Look at stores like Hollister or Victoria’s Secret which have unique and distinct displays of their merchandise. It is an interactive event for the shopper. It is more than just clothing on a rack under fluorescent lighting; it is clothing on a runway. And those small attentions to detail are what set them apart.

The same can be true of non-retail businesses. Ask yourself, am I filling a void? Has this already been done before? And if so, how is my idea different? If it is not different, what can I do to make it different? It is timeless advice to any entrepreneur and at Thrive we set out to not only be an advertising agency that is different than the rest, but also, one that provides those unique qualities for our clients as well.


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