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2010-11 Season to Date Network Rankings

March 24, 2011

The 2010-2011 Season to date ratings are in for networks. Once again FOX is finish first among broadcast networks due to their highly rated shows for adults 18-49. CBS will finish second even though most will complain that FOX had the advantage of the Super Bowl. Even without the Super Bowl Fox would have surpassed CBS.

2010-11 Season to date average ratings for Adults 18-49.

  • Fox  3.5 average
  • CBS  3.0 average
  • NBC is tied for third place with a 2.4 rating average.
  • ABC is tied for third place with a 2.4 rating average.
  • Univision 1.5 average
  • The CW 0.9 average

*Each rating point is a percentage of the US population with TV’s in that demographic group.

2010-11 Season To Date Average Viewership

  • CBS 11.86 million avg. viewers
  • Fox 9.81 million avg. viewers
  • ABC 8.22 million avg. viewers
  • NBC 7.39 million avg. viewers
  • Univision 3.71 million avg. viewers
  • The CW 2.10 million avg. viewers

Overall this seasons ratings to date for the ABC, NBC, FOX, The CW and CBS broadcast networks are down 9.5% compared to the season to date ratings through the same week of the 2009-10 season. This may be due to the fact that the 2009-2010 season there was 2 weeks of the Winter Olympics.

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Are you shocked by any of these results or did you expect FOX to be number one? Did you expect to see Univision in the 5th spot before The CW?

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