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Traditional Media, Has Been?

March 7, 2011

It’s interesting, I get these questions often and have spent a great deal of time entrenched in media buying for many successful businesses. So I thought, write a blog!

Is Traditional Media Dead?

No. But old school approaches to using traditional media are.

Traditional media (TV, Radio, Print) still have potential to reach large groups of people.

Television Still Reaches the Masses:

This can be witnessed during water cooler moments where there’s talk about the latest episode of American Idol or The Bachelor. DVRs have changed the playing field a bit but that’s why we buy advertising smarter. Picking the programs that won’t be DVRed because viewers want to watch RIGHT NOW so the episodes aren’t ruined for them via facebook posts, twitter updates or online news.

Radio and Print  have Their Place:

I still listen to the radio. It’s just easier than plugging in my ipod or subscribing to satellite radio. Listeners are loyal. They are used to tuning into their favorite stations. There is great value in using radio the right way. (which is a seperate blog, Tips to Make Radio Advertising Successful)

Print, in the appropriate publications makes sense. I do read all of my news online. It’s easier. I don’t like to get my fingers dirty by reading the newspaper… But I do read local magazines with quality writing and pretty pictures.

Are Online Advertising and Social Media Taking Over the World?

Yes. But you must know how to use them in conjunction with traditional media in order to truly make them work for you.

Online Presence:

In today’s online world there is no excuse to not have a GOOD website, a social media (at least facebook) presence and a solid online advertising strategy. If you don’t, YOU ARE LOSING BUSINESS. Yes, that must be in all caps…because you are LOSING BUSINESS. Your business is either going up, or out. Your competitors will be online. You must be. Again, no excuses.

I realize it’s overwhelming. (That’s why you should hire Thrive) but it’s important to figure it out. At the very least you need to do the following to establish an online presence:

  • Have a good website designed, built and maintained. It should be updated frequently. For a lot of businesses having a blog is important. It will help establish your business with search engines as more relevant because you will have frequently updated content.
  • Hire a professional to optimize your site. This will get your website traffic. If you have a great website but no ones visits it, what’s the point? A good Search Engine Optimization plan is imperative. That’s where Steve comes in. Meet Steve.
  • Establish a social media strategy. And, stick. to. it. Update frequently. Remember social media is a telephone, not a megaphone. Don’t preach about your business. Engage with your followers. Get to know them. Then they will want to get to know you.
  • Consider a pay per click strategy. These are the ads on the side and top of search engines. Paid search works. We can help you figure this out. It’s worth figuring out, I promise.
  • Retargeting. It’s creepy and cool. Say you visit a hotel website, you don’t book a room. You go on to another site. And shortly after you notice an ad for the hotel you just visited. Creepy? Yes. Cool? Yes. (for the business owner) These are potential customers that left your website and continued searching. Sending them a reminder that you’re business is a viable option for what they are searching for is genius.

How Do You Use Tradtional (TV, Radio, Print) and Non-Traditional (Online, Mobile, Social, etc) Advertising Together?

You create awareness for your business’ message through traditional media. It’s like a funnel. The top of the funnel (the big part that catches the most) is traditional media.

Then direct the large group of people to non-traditional media. Where it’s easier to interact and further engage with your customers. Send them to your facebook page or website for special offer. This is where the sale is done. It’s the tip of the funnel.

After a relationship is developed via traditional and non-traditional you keep the relationship going by continuing your messaging via traditional media and keep the relationship intimate via non-traditional media. Make sense?

Happy to answer questions.



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