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Top 10 reasons why you must outsource your Pay Per Click campaigns:

January 19, 2011

Internet has now become a major player in advertising which will soon take a lead, if it is hasn’t already, on traditional advertising. Now I’m not hear to say that traditional media doesn’t have its place. It certainly does, and online advertising without traditional advertising is not nearly as effective as online alone.
However, advertising on the internet is equally as important as other mediums because it provides superior features to businesses. Advertising on the internet is not just about bidding or adding keywords, banners and seeing money rolling in…
There are millions of advertisers online promoting their business on their own. But do you know why it is so important to hire someone who knows the ins and outs of the Pay Per Click industry? You MUST have a thorough understanding of search engines, PPC, keyword research, bidding, quality scores, etc. to make your business successful online.

1. Contacts

PPC advertising agency maintains healthy relationship with all ad networks representatives, Ad placement managers, bloggers, business contacts etc. Any ad campaign can get into the problems, only Online PPC Ad agencies can find answers fast to all the problems but if you are managing ad campaign your self you would have to wait too long for support replies.

2. Click Fraud

Click fraud is the biggest problems faced by every advertiser it is the most crucial point in all the advertising campaigns. No one wants to waste money on thieves. Google Adwords and other advertising networks do a fine job filtering bad clicks and repay you. But you cannot rely on them completely and finding invalid clicks is mandatory because there are some clicks that ad networks ignore some times. How to find fraud clicks? How to report fraud clicks? How to get refund? You can’t do anything about it but one Advertising agency can.

3. Keyword research

Keyword research is the main pillar to any PPC campaign, PPC advertising agencies are highly skillful in keyword research and management. PPC agencies can search keywords which can win sales in a minimum budget.

4. Quality Score

Quality scores helps in achieving higher ranks and lower downs click prices. I know many self PPC handlers who don’t know what is Quality score? , other’s who know about Quality score have no idea how to increase it. This is where comes PPC advertising agency to minimize your ad spending, achieve you higher rankings and show your ads to highly targeted audience so you don’t get useless traffic.

5. PPC agencies know how search engine works

PPC Advertising agencies know how search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo works and they optimize your campaigns which suits the search engines best.

6. Time

You need a lot of time learning, maintaining and building your PPC Ad campaign, because you have ground or expert knowledge about PPC Advertising; you cannot take a risk of wasting money in the game of PPC with your own hands. PPC Advertising agencies fully understood your requirements and setup most beneficial ad campaign for you in a fast and sufficient time.

7. Ad Content

Ad Content is very tricky in online advertising and if you want to write ads your self than it can take you a lot of time due to its complexity. Ad Content with little tweaks can increase CTR% resulting in more quality traffic. Ad content writing must be done by some PPC professional.

8. Advance techniques

In PPC advertising exists some highly advance techniques which you may never heard of, but advertising agencies can add its magic to your campaigns for instant sales and money.

9. Staying up to date

Keeping your self up to date with latest happenings, news, techniques is very important. PPC ad agencies always stay up to date with all the latest development and happenings so you remain out of trouble.

10. DKI

DKI or dynamic keyword insertion is a must to do for any big or complex campaign. Doing DKI, you can get yourself in trouble due to its complexness; in case of making a single character mistake wrong ads can be triggered. Only PPC Ad agency can build error free and successful Ad campaigns using DKI.

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