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Defending Social Media

January 19, 2011

Social media has taken a lot of criticism since its innovative approach to marketing first took the stage. In some respects, these criticisms are valid and should be treated as such. However, after admitting that Adage has been a little harsh on the social media community, B.L. Ochman shares a great article defending this new marketing technique. Now, if you have time to read it, then please do, but if you don’t, at least consider these two key questions that she mentions: One, does the power of social media threaten to warp our understanding of influence?; and two, do advertisers even understand what their latest status update or tweet is supposed to do for them? Without a clear understanding of how to effectively use social media, the criticisms of it are absolutely justified. That’s why taking the time to use social media effectively and not just as a “to-do” on your marketing list can prove to be very beneficial.

Check out the article and let us know what you think!

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