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Facebook and the SEO Effect

November 9, 2010

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, I’m sure that you’re familiar with Facebook. You may not have your own Facebook account yet, (though you probably do) but with or without one, it is almost impossibe to exist without the name coming up in the news, your kid’s conversations, your office, or the websites you visit. What started out as a small web site created by a Harvard college student has grown into one of the biggest social networks of all time, and now is a vessel for some serious internet marketing! With the ability to market to an audience within a particular University or city, or to reach people who are members of specific groups, Facebook has allowed for some great Search Engine Optimization within the site.

This article we found on gives some awesome perspective into the marketing realms on Facebook and how companies are using them to their advantage. (Page 3 talks about advertising, but the whole article is good!) Take a look here!

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