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Delta Offering Free In-Flight WiFi During Holiday Travel Season

November 8, 2010

We all try to avoid traveling during the holidays…but when your family is in Dallas and you’re in Seattle, it is often an inevitable outcome. So who should we fly with? The question usually comes down to this: how can an airline make my traveling experience more enjoyable? According to this Consumerist article, Delta is trying really hard here by providing Wifi. But as the article also points out, will they be able to pull it all together? 

By Chris Morran on November 8, 2010 1 2:22 PM 0 views


Let’s face it — traveling during the holidays kinda sucks. We know this because they have made movies about it. So in an attempt to convince fliers it’s not the suckiest airline — even if they do publicly lie about their baggage policies — Delta is offering free in-flight WiFi for folks who have to fly hundreds or thousands of miles to deal with passive-aggressive in-laws.

From Nov. 20 through Jan. 2, passengers on the around 540 Delta planes equipped with Gogo Inflight Internet service will be actually be able to get something on a flight for free.

According to CNN, Air Tran and Virgin America are also offering free in-flight WiFi during the holiday travel season.

We wonder how well-equipped these planes are to handle 200 people all trying to stream Netflix at 30,000 feet.

Delta Air Lines teams up with Google to offer free WiFi []

Holiday giving: Airlines offering free Wi-Fi [CNN]

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