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Stasia’s 1st Week @ Thrive: A Candid Note from Stasia Blackhurst

October 27, 2010

As a new intern at Thrive, I am incredibly excited (and maybe a little nervous) to be a part of the team! It is very rare to be able to work with such authentic talent and intelligence, like Robin and Kiri, in such an intimate setting and I am very grateful for that. Also, as a new intern, that means I get to write my first blog entry for Thrive, therefore, I ask that you go easy on me as I share some experiences from my first week!

It is incredible how much you can learn in your first few days. I wish everyone could just sit and listen in on some of what goes on here because truthfully, there is a lot that can be absorbed! For example, it is incredibly important when choosing your media and advertising to do your research! (This may be a no brainer, but hear me out).  Just like you would for a job interview, you should know what they are all about, who they reach, how that compares to other media outlets and so on. Robin does a great job of this and can recognize when she is getting the most bang for her buck or not enough. This is something that a newbie like me may not have caught on to, but with the right background information and a little experience, you can make the right decision for your client and what is in their best interest.

I’m excited to share more with you all and contribute to Thrive, but so far all I can say is this opportunity is priceless!  I am so happy to be here!


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