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TV’s Priciest Shows

October 19, 2010

TV’s Priciest Shows

Most of the time these lists don’t surprise me. We all know that American Idol does is expensive or Monday Night Footbal can get pricey but A few of these actually shocked me! Who would have known that Family Guy would make the top 10 list for most expensive show to advertise in?

According to AdAge’s survey of media buyers American Idol is still the most expensive television show to advertise in. A :30 commercial in the Tuesday night show will cost advertisers $467,617 and an ad in the Wednesday night show will set them back $400,546. Last year, :30 ads in American Idol cost between $360,000 and $490,000.

Fox dominates the top 10 list of most expensive programs. Other shows to make the list are:

Glee: $272,694 (Fall) and $373,014 (Spring)

Family Guy: $259,298

The Simpsons: $253,170

House: $226,180

Other Networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS make up the rest of the list with hit shows like ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy ($222,113, down from $240,462 last year), NBC’s The Office ($213,617), ABC’s Desperate Housewives ($210,064, down from $228,851) and CBS’s Two and a Half Men ($206,722).

The most expensive freshman show is CBS’s Mike & Molly, which pulls an average of $189,160 for each :30 spot.

To read more about the most expensive television shows click here.

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