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If You Want A New HDTV, Wait A Month Or Two

September 27, 2010

Just read an interesting prediction about the price of HDTVs dropping around the holiday season. Good news for two groups of people…

1. People that want a nice flat panel television for less money!

2. For TV advertisers… why you ask? Well, when consumers invest in a nice television they inevitably watch more programming! When TV viewing goes up, more consumers see your advertisements which ultimately leads to more sales for you as a business owner!

Read the article below:

By Phil Villarreal on September 24, 2010 9:45 AM

Analysts say HDTV prices will drop like Blockbuster stock as the holidays approach, thanks to a glut of LCDs flooding the market.

CNN Money reports DisplaySearch predicts TV prices will plummet to 12 percent or more below 2009 levels. And as always, Black Friday will be the day for the sweetest of TV deals, with some 32-inch LCDs projected to drop to less than $250.

If you’ve held out on buying an HDTV, how low do prices need to get before you ante up?

Flat-screen TV prices to plunge for holiday season [CNN Money]

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