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August 24, 2010

Hey blog friends,

  My friend Tom started this FANTASTIC business. It’s called Pike Place Produce. They deliver weekly fresh seasonal fruit to businesses… I LOVE the concept. Shoot, anything to keep me from making a trip to vending machine for sugar laden calorie bomb at 3PM.

Help me spread the word!


Cheers, Robin


Why Pike Place Produce Super-Fresh Delivery Service is an investment in your staff.

You’ve seen it happen. Maybe you’ve done it yourself. 11:45 AM – Just a little bit longer and you’ll get that report completed. When you come up for air, its 1:30 and you’re hungry. But you don’t want to stop yet. Next thing you know, you’ve got the 3 O’Clock crazies, where no vending machine or junky snacks are safe from the mindless, auto-feeding hand.

At this moment, you are making yourself unhappy and costing your business money. Peer-reviewed studies consistently demonstrate that being in a state of low blood sugar not only shortens your attention span; it slows your ability to process information.

The better choice would be to have a mid-morning snack of delicious fruit, providing fiber to quell hunger pangs and slowly release glucose, the brains only fuel, into the bloodstream. This gives you more focus, less stress and a better work outcome for your company.

The Benefits

Studies have shown consistently that when you provide healthy fruit for your employees, their quality of life and work output improves in many ways – among them:

  1. They will have more energy and perform their jobs better;
  2. Research shows a 50% drop in junk food eating when office fruit is available;
  3. They’ll feel better about their jobs and their company;
  4. Your own reputation as an employer who has their employee’s best interests at heart gets even better;
  5. Visitors to your workplace and meeting-goers will feel more welcome as they notice you’ve done something special – not the usual muffin-and-coffee when they arrive at the conference room;
  6. Employers are listing fresh fruit as a benefit on job postings;
  7. Having fresh fruit in a highly visible, accessible place has a “halo effect” – it will encourage less health-oriented employees to choose healthy foods. 


The Money

A recent national study finds that for every corporate dollar invested in health promotion and disease prevention, business will gain a return ranging anywhere from $2.75 to $9.85 – that figure is based on reduced employee turnover, sick days and medical claims related to unhealthy living such as being overweight.

The Takeaway

Invest in nutrition and reap a harvest of better morale and increased productivity. You’ll also reduce sick days and accidents.  After all, most of us spend as much as half our waking hours at work. Is there a better time than now to start a fruit program in your office?

Our weekly delivery service starts at just $49 for four dozen units of hand-chosen-that-day healthy snacks.

And all your staff earn a 10% discount at our “Corner Produce” stand at the Pike Place Market. I look forward to setting up a sampling appointment with you soon.

To your greater health and productivity,


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