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TV is Good for Kids!

August 23, 2010

“Ah, the 1950s — and 1950s advertising. Did you know TV is good for kids? Why, here are just some of the benefits!

Below is a clipping of an ad from the “Daily News” (unknown what city) dated Tuesday, September 5, 1950, for Motorola TV sets.

 “HOW TELEVISION BENEFITS YOUR CHILDREN” is the headline, explaining “Motorola, leader in television, shows how TV can mean better behavior at home and better marks in school!”

The Baby Sitter

The main photo shows kids actively watching “Howdy Doody” — look at the action of that kid! He’s really engaged — clearly not a couch potato growing fat. The caption reads: “Home, sweet TV home! Peace! Quiet! No more ‘rainy day riots’ … with television keeping small fry out of mischief … and out of mother’s hair. And that’s just one of many TV blessings. ‘Taking away television from children who act up is a punishment that really works,’ writes an authority on child psychology. ‘The very thought of missing some pet program turns little lions into lambs. And, incidentally, those favorite programs in the late afternoon are the world’s finest magnet for getting tardy youngsters home on time.”

The Educator

The upper right photo shows a kid being helped by dad. “Gets homework done — promptly! The simple rule ‘Homework first — television second’ has solved the problem in thousands of homes … has made children more interested in school work. ‘Television,’ says the New York Times, ‘can be enjoyed in healthy moderation in the same way as sports or movie-going, but only the mother and father can make certain this will be the case.” You want your kids to get ahead, right? Let them watch TV!

Bringing Families Together

The lower right photo shows the whole family …watching football. “Will television strengthen family ties? Educators, religious and social workers all agree it can be one of the strongest forces in America for bringing the family together to enjoy good, clean entertainment right in the home. Parents can select their children’s ‘TV diet’ from a wide variety of wholesome programs.” Wow! Even religious leaders agree? Yep, you can bet Junior won’t switch over to the Playboy Channel when you’re not looking.

Yes, if you want to be a good parent, be sure your kids get plenty of TV. It’s good for them!”

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