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Weight Loss Surgery Contest Becomes A Huge Success!!!

May 20, 2010

Weight issues effect all of us, on a personal level and with people who are close to us. Thrive partnered their client Northwest Weight Loss Surgery with Q13 Fox to create an obesity awareness campaign and Lap Band Giveaway Contest to educate the public about obesity and cover what is involved with weight loss surgery and what that process is like.

The eight week obesity awareness campaign and contest ran segments each Friday during the 9:00 morning news hour and on popular shows like American Idol and Glee! The lucky contest winner is receiving free weight loss surgery! 

The contest ended up being a HUGE success for our client! Not only did they get thousands of leads but after doing insurance checks 86 entrants are eligible for the surgery without any cost! 

You can click on the link to watch all the segments and the surprise ending where the contest winner, Jason, gives the runner up a life changing gift Plus follow the winner through their weight loss process at

If you need an out of the box idea to make your business more successful, call us at 425.572.0978

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