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What does a “Media Buyer” do?

March 20, 2010

We have found that often when we explain what we “do” as media buyers, business owners don’t fully understand what we mean. So we Googled “media buyer” and the below job description popped up, we think it is perfect!

Media Buying is a service that we provide our clients at NO CHARGE! Really… NO CHARGE! We love to save money! Don’t you! Media buyers can save your business thousands of dollars in advertising waste by helping you get much more bang for your advertising buck! In this economy, who can afford not to protect every dollar? Don’t’ believe it?! Ask our clients! We’re happy to provide references; our clients are able to tell you about their success much better than we can…

Read below to see what a “media buyer” truly does 🙂 – Robin

Job Title: Media Buyer

Job Description: A Media Buyer is responsible for purchasing “print space in newspapers and magazines, and broadcast time on radio and television for their clients. They use statistical models to determine the best media plan for the clients of the advertising agency, based on maximum media effectiveness for the client. They deal with media sales representatives and determine where to place ads based on the client’s objectives and budgets.”

They are instrumental in “developing the campaign and researching how it will be most effective for the client. Their mission is to find a combination of media that will enable the marketer to communicate the message in the most effective manner possible at the minimum cost.”

Personality Synopsis: Common traits of a Media Buyer include the ability buy cheap with the most bang. They must possess negotiating skills, work well under pressure, and have fantastic money management skills.

*Thank you to for the great description!

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